My Bucket List


I find the whole idea of planning my life around a series of things to do before I die rather disconcerting, having said that i do have a never ending Bucket List it will be updated as I cross off my goals and add new items. It includes more than just travel goals. I hope it shares a lot about me, as well as inspires you in your own life!

It always seems Impossible until it’s done

My Bucket List

1. Windsurf, Qualified (done)
2. Go up the Eiffel Tower (done)
3. See the Mona Lisa (done)
4. Drive a hovercraft (done)
5. Fly a plane (done)
6. See the White House (done)
7. Visit Loch Ness (done)
8. Gorge Walking (done)
9. Visit Grotta Gigante world’s largest tourist cave (done)
10. Ride a quad bike (done)
11. Go paint balling (done)
12. Visit Ġgantija Temples date from 3600BC (done)
13. Clay pigeon shooting(done)
14. Visit London as a tourist (done)
15. Buy a nice House (done)
16. Ride a Horse (done)
17. Plant a tree (done)
18. Silverstone F1 fly in by Helicopter (done)
19. Learn to ride and buy a bike, Honda CBR600RR (done)
20. Go on a boating holiday (done)
21. Visit Stonehenge (done)
22. Donate Blood (done)
23. Attend famous motor sport event, LeMans 24hr (done)
24. Scuba Dive, qualified. (done)
25. Go to a different country and watch MotoGP, LeMans (done)
26. Go to the Olympics, London 2012 (done)
27. Have a pyjama day (done)
28. Go to a different country and watch Formula 1, Spa Francorchamps (done)
29. Drive autobahn (done)
30. Go karting (done)
31. Drive the Nurburg Ring (done)
32. Learn to Ski and go Skiing (done)
33. Learn to dance
34. Go to Hawaii
35. Stand up and surf
36. Get my knee down on my bike
37. Own a Porsche
38. Win the lottery jackpot
39. Go to an opera
40. Employ a cleaner
41. Go to Lego Land
42. Watch a Ballet
43. Buy a Ducati bike
44. Own a boat
45. Go to Glastonbury or V Festival
46. Get a six pack
47. Drive a super car.
Climb a mountain (done)
49. Go on the orient express
50. Bora Bora Water Dining
51. Dog Sledding
52. Ride from Lands’ End to John O Groats in a day
53. Go to Monaco watch Formula 1
54. Dive onto the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm
55. Venice Gondola ride
56. Pay of my mortgage
57. Milk a cow
58. Be in the audience live TV Show
59. Go to isle of Man watch the TT
60. Make a difference
61. Eat 10 McDonalds Cheeseburgers in one sitting
62. Festival of Speed
63. Walk away from explosion in slow motion
64. Run 10k
65. Visit Egypt and the Pyramids
66. Go skinny dipping in the sea
67. Do my advanced rider qualification
68. Visit Pompeii
69. Jet skiing
70. Go on the Orient Express
71. Make Cheese
72. Learn to play a musical instrument
73. Visit New York
Coasteering (done)
75. Two day Pyjama day
76. Whitewater Rafting
77. Make the Perfect Carbonara
78. Visit an active Volcano
Master a camera in manual mode (done)
80. Sleep in a Yurt
81. Eat cake in Amsterdam
Ride a tandem bicycle (done)

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